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One Has To Go


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Funny story: When I moved to Williamsburg, VA, I was astounded by the number of pancake houses. I had never seen or even heard of so many pancake restaurants in such a small area before. So, my crew decided we would spend that summer visiting each one and writing up reviews. (This was long before social media was a thing and would make this sort of thing commonplace.) We made it to two and gave up. It was too much. I think that was the last time I had pancakes. 


I just googled "Williamsburg pancakes" to see if it's still infested with the things. Oh, yes! One result is even an article called "Why are there so many Pancake Houses in Williamsburg?" and another "Williamsburg is for pancake lovers: How the city cornered the pancake house market". 





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11 hours ago, dmjalund said:

I am not a great fan f eggs. I've never tried biscuits and gravy



You haven't missed a cussed thing, either.


What you are being served is baked gravy, covered in gravy.  I get a lot of push-back on that until I ask them to list the ingredients of both items.  Turns out it's grease, flour and water.  For both.


Gravy on baked gravy.  


It's like cooking eggs, and serving them smothered in raw egg.


Oh-- and they suck.  Can't forget that.



7 minutes ago, Old Man said:

Second: Easy choice for me as the shrimp are lethal.



Dude, that sucks!  :(


Shrimp are like...    nature's butter.....




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Man, this test is easy.  I hate shrimp. And don’t bother giving me the whole Bubba Gump list.

      “I do not like green eggs and shrimp-now go, or I’ll beat you like I’m an F’ing pimp.”

I also can’t handle dairy anymore so I can’t have pizza.

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Yep.  I picked wings, too.


Not because I dont like chicken (that's just a cooncidence.  ;)  ), but because once up in a time, you bought a chicken wing, and you fot a wing.  Now they break it in half and smother it in a high school chemistry set and sell you the same wing twice.


I love hot sauce, but that veap they put on wings anymore- buffalo sauce and the like?  The spice is good, but the flavor is about what I would expect were I to try eating off-brand deodorant: nothing but aluminum and chemicals.  Yuck.



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