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What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it...

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Owen is my least favorite character in the whole series. He is very obviously an author insertion character. Besides that he has the whole "rebel without a clue" and "loudmouth so Conservative that he

I recently finished Working for Bigfoot by Jim Butcher. It's a collection of Dresden shorts. The tone in these tends to be on the lighter side, and the stories seem relegated to the sidelines of the D

Peace Talks, Book 16 of the Dresden Files dropped on Tuesday.   This has all the old favorites( with one exception) This book is basically a caper book set amidst family drama and some info

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Port of Shadows, a new Black Company story by Glen Cook. It takes place between books 1 & 2 and gives some interesting background on the Domination while clouding the identity of a main character.


Serpentine, the newest Anita Blake novel. Strange things are taking place at Ted and Donna's wedding in the Florida Keys. Sex is kept to a minimum and is in self-contained chapters that are easily skipped.

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Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky.  What a fantastic book.  Starts in the far future with a terraforming project which goes wrong when human society breaks down.  Picks up centuries later when a generation ship leaves Earth heading for that planet where the terraforming has progressed in a manner unforeseen and the scientist in charge has been in deep sleep in a satellite round the planet as her technology decays waiting for a signal from the planet that will now never come.


Great book, great story and fantastic ending when I thought there was no way it could be ended satisfactorily.


Don't read it if you have a spider phobia...



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Marked by Benedict Jacka

Alex Verus is now on the Light Council as Mordern 'his boss' is under arrest. Alex is helping to recover items missing from the Vault raid in the last book. The Council try to take down Richard Drakh and it does not go so well. Also Anne's problem with the Jinn resurfaces. If you liked the previous books, you'll like this one.

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I've been enjoying Beck Chamber's Wayfarer series (The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet; A Closed and Common Orbit; and Record of a Spaceborn Few).


Have you ever watched or read some big space opera and found yourself wondering what life is like for normal people living in that universes?  Ir is in the lives of normal people where the Wayfarer series calls home.  Because while Chamber's Galactic Commons would make a fine setting for big space opera type of adventures.  The stories are inevitably about people trying to find love, friendship and purpose in a big and confusing universe. 


That is not say they are completely lacking in adventure.  Even though you know from the outset that she succeeds, Jane 37's efforts to escape from her home world are quite harrowing.   It is just that when there is adventure, it is just a part of the story it is not the whole story.  


Good books.  I will be impatiently waiting for the fourth in the series to come out.

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I just finished a series on audible (the reader is fantastic) by Dean F. Wilson called the Coilhunter Chronicles. Basically a western (Nox, the main character reminds me of Rooster Cogburn) set in a semi post apocalyptic world. I enjoyed it a lot and recommend it. I am trying Wilson's Iron War books set in the same world now.

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41 minutes ago, death tribble said:

Under the Dome by Stephen King. A town is suddenly covered by a force field that will not anyone enter or leave. What do the people do about it and survive ? I liked it.



The TV series adaptation was okay. I thought it could have been better. None of the people in the TV version seemed paranoid enough, for my tastes, about the limited amount of resources which were under the dome.


I've wanted to read the book but haven't gotten around to purchasing it.

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Almost done with the Iron War books, not as enjoyable as the Coilhunter to me.


I am also currently listening too the Hidden Magic Chronicles by  Justin Sloan and Michael Anderle. Set in the shared Kurtherian Universe. Enjoyable so far, as I am only in book 2.

More on the Kurtherian Universe here: https://kurtherian-universe.fandom.com/wiki/Kurtherian_Universe_Wiki

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On ‎11‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 5:51 PM, Doc Shadow said:

Uncompromising Honor by David Weber. The final Honor Harrington novel brings the story that began in On Basilisk Station to a close.


Honor may make an appearance in some of the spin off series, but it will be as a supporting character. Her story is now done.




I just got through with Uncompromising Honor not too long ago, and from what I had read in both the story itself and Weber's own

statements at the end of the book, that while Honor's story might be at an end for the time being, it's far from over. After all, the

Mesans still owe a rather outstanding debt for both Yawata Crossing and Beowulf Alpha, Beta, and Gamma -- not to mention the

stations of Hephaestus, Weyland, and Vulcan -- and somehow, I can't see Honor not being the one to personally settle that debt.



Major Tom 2009 :dyn

Let's be about it, people...

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A Memory of Light


This is the last of the Wheel of Time books. I received the first as a present and being a completist I had to go through the story to the end.

It ties up the main threads and all three of the main leads gets their time in the spotlight. Bearing n mind the finish it did leave Nynaeve with not much to do but I can live with that. Egwene was the only main character to die. But all the Forsaken got taken out, including the new one. The Last Battle was suitably epic in scope and bathed in tragedy as all sorts of characters who we were introduced to in previous books died.

Then there is how Rand deals with the evil one and their battle. That was a good take on the battle between good and evil.

Was the series too long ? Yes. But you could not fit it into a three book series, It is truely epic and makes the Belgariad for example seem small by comparison.

There were things I did not like such as Trollocs. Troll Orc. How original and get this they are a mixture of man and beast. Paging Dr Moreau. It has been done to death.

The Myrddraal are too reminiscent of the Ringwraiths but not as powerful.

The Sharans are introduced too late to make much of an impact.

And the two of the main male leads have more than one woman with them. Yeah right.

But there were things worth following and it was never all about the one person, the Dragon Reborn and that was a strength. I loved the Aiel and hated the Seanchan. Perrin and Nynaeve were favourite characters. The evil Paladins, the Whitecloaks.

Having finished one series I have another to complete and that it is the Fall of the Malazan Empire.

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On 5/25/2019 at 1:40 AM, Grailknight said:

Mat and Perrin only end up with one woman each, Tuon and Faile.


Just started my first reread of the series.


OMG, I was impressed that I managed to finish the thing once.  I loved the first two books, enjoyed the next three and ground my way through the rest.  I think the world is great, the story was worth telling but it took too LONG.  I reckon there is an amazing five book series here, six at a push.


I did not think the ending was good, at least not good enough to warrant the effort poured into reading the 14 books (or just short of 12,000 pages and 4.5 million words).

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